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Is to inculcate the Maker culture of creative thinking, transforming ideas into reality. By providing artists, engineers, musicians, doctors, architects and hobbyists with the tools and technology in a physical space to collaborate and fuel the spark of Innovation.

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Another hackathon ? What is a hackathon ? This was my first one, there came a time when everyone was pitching for solutions it was pretty much listening to words like lets make this app- android-this wrist belt- this device-this product on repeat, i waited for something to grab my attention but nothing seem to […]


Create your own furniture at Makers Asylum – powered by O-lap. Ideally if you ever wanted  a chair designed to suit your needs, you’ll have to spend a few days looking for a carpenter-explaining your design to him -making sure he buys the right materials- Eventually hoping he would achieve what you need. Lets make […]

Wood Working

We came across a lot of Woodworking enthusiast who never had the access to the various hand and power tools hence missed out on working and improving their skills, we also had people wondering why would anybody be doing woodworking if he wasn’t a carpenter- that thinking changed when we mentioned that every table you […]